Though you may feel isolated by your anxiety or anxiety-related disorder, you are not alone. Forty million adults in the United States have an anxiety disorder, and support is an important part of recovery.

ADAA Free Online Anxiety and Depression Support


ADAA has partnered with HealthUnlocked to offer a safe and anonymous peer-to-peer anxiety and depression online support group for individuals, their friends, family, and colleagues who suffer from anxiety and depressive disorders. Join us!

There are a number of ways to locate a support group near you.

*Please note: Listed groups are not updated unless noted by organizer. Any listing does not constitute an endorsement by ADAA of the support group, individual group leader, or affiliated institution or organization. ADAA does not endorse the use of a support group as a substitute for proper diagnosis and treatment. Please check with your health care provider about the benefits of joining a support group as part of an overall treatment regimen.