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Learn how people living with anxiety disorders and depression have struggled, coped, and triumphed. Find out what led them toward hope and recovery:

Do you have a personal story? Describe your experience with an anxiety disorder or depression and how it has affected your life. Explain what you have found helpful in terms of therapy or other treatment in managing or overcoming your illness.

Please limit your written story to 500 words.

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Featured Story

“"I know from personal experience...getting anxious kids help early can be crucial in heading off more serious problems later in life."”

A Childhood Darkened by Severe Anxiety Becomes Brighter

Childhood anxiety, even severe and chronic, doesn’t necessarily stand in the way of success and achievement. But caring parents will do anything to help relieve their children of misery. Scott Stossel, the editor of The Atlantic magazine, tells his story of struggling, coping, and living a very productive life.



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