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Not All Depressed Brains Look Alike


Should doctors treat depression more like a stroke? ADAA members discuss new approaches to training the depressed brain. Researchers are developing new psychological treatments that aim to directly target the particular dysfunctions and processes that underlie depression.

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Exposure Therapy for OCD in Adults & Children

Bradley Riemann, PhD

Clinical Director
OCD Center and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Services
Rogers Memorial Hospital

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Handouts (2015)

Anxiety and Depression Conference 2015

Below are the handouts made available by the presenters to ADAA. The titles include the first presenter's last name and the three-digit, Master Clinician, or other session number. For further information, you may refer to the Presenter Index in the final program.

Treatment-Resistant Pediatric Anxiety

Lynne Siqueland, PhDLynne Siqueland, PhD

Children’s and Adult Center for OCD & Anxiety

OCD in People With Autism Spectrum Disorders


Ailsa Russell, PhD
Clinical Director for the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
University of Bath

Dr. Russell addresses treatment approaches for people with OCD and autism spectrum disorders. Her research with colleagues at Kings College London has focused on studies of people with autism, in particular trying to adapt or develop effective psychological interventions for anxiety, OCD, and other emotional disorders.


Conference Program 2015

Anxiety and Depression Conference 2015 final program

Please note: Last-minute room changes for some events and sessions are not reflected in this program. Please check for updates at the conference registration desk.


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