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If you think you have an anxiety or anxiety-related disorder, or if you feel overwhelmed or just not yourself, it’s time to get help. There is no shame in talking to someone about your feelings. Getting help is a sign of strength, not weakness.


Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health problems on college campuses. Forty million U.S. adults suffer from an anxiety disorder, and 75 percent of them experience their first episode of anxiety by age 22.

In addition, a 2008 Associated Press and mtvU survey of college students found the following:

  • 80 percent say they frequently or sometimes experience daily stress

  • 34 percent have felt depressed at some point in the past three months


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College Students

Parental support is extremely important for college students, especially those who may be dealing with an anxiety disorder or other mental health condition.

Below are tips for helping your college-age child:

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