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Painkiller Abuse Linked to Depression, Suicide in College Students

Researchers found that college-students who reported feeling hopeless, sad, depressed, or considered suicide were significantly more likely to report nonmedical use of any prescription drug, particularly among females who reported painkiller use. (Addictive Behaviors, 2012; 37(8):890) Read more. 

Writing About Test Anxieties Improves Performance

Researchers have found that students anxious about taking a high-stakes exam improve their classroom performance after writing about their feelings and worries. (Science, 14 January 2011; 331(6014): 211–213) Hear more in a podcast.

Risk Factors for Suicidal Students

Many college students think about suicide, and a key risk factor in predicting persistent suicidal thoughts is lack of social support. Other risk factors: depressive symptoms, exposure to domestic violence in childhood, and a mother suffering from depression. (Journal of Affective Disorders, in press July 2010)  Read more.

Not So Well Prepared: Disaster Planning on College Campuses

The findings of a new University of Central Florida survey assess more than 100 campus safety leaders on the factors that they consider key to building a “disaster-resilient university” that is well-prepared to prevent and respond to emergencies of all kinds. (Inside Higher Ed, May 11, 2010; published online) Read more.

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