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Individual Fundraising: How You Can Raise Money - and Have Fun!

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Jane's Campaign 

JanesSticker.JPGFrom presidential campaigns to multiple celebrity deaths, 2016 has been pretty disappointing for people of all different backgrounds. To help encourage people and set a more positive tone for 2017, I designed stickers to remind us that "We Gon' Be Alright."

With Inauguration Day coming up in January and a connection between chronic stress and depression, overall depression rates are projected to increase in the near future. To help those affected by these events, I will be donating all of the proceeds from this campaign to ADAA one of the leading nonprofits that offers resources to anyone experiencing anxiety, depression, and other related disorders. Thank you to Jane and her supporters for raising awareness about anxiety and for selecting ADAA as your fundraiser's beneficiary. We are so grateful! 

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Erika's School Project

Erika-StressBalls.JPGI am a distinguished scholar here at the Grosse Ile Middle School in Michigan. For my 7th grade year here at the middle school, I chose to research about anxiety because some of my friends have it and I wanted to try and help them out. I have only been researching about it for a few months and I already know so much about it! I have already helped my friends by making them stress balls and different gadgets to play with.They say that they are very helpful when it comes to a hard test or assignment. 

At the exhibition in May, I will be presenting this project. I will be showing a poster board with facts that I have learned, a paper explaining what this organisation is for and what it does for people, and what the stress balls look like and feel like. When this school year ends I will not stop reaching and learning about anxiety I think this topic is very interesting and I would like to learn so much more about it!

Find Your Happy Case

adaapic2.pngAnxiety was always something that Jamie Strasberger struggled with. This struggle helped inspire the launch for Jamie and her husband Sean's phone case company, Because of a Case. The mission was simple: create fun, fashionable phone cases where a portion of sales were donated back to support improving people's mental health. 
HappyCase2.pngTheir first big push as a company was their collaboration with YouTube Creators, EleventhGorgeous (1.7 million Subscribers). They too struggled with anxiety and together with Because of a Case created a unique and gorgeous marble case where 10% of net profits would be donated to the ADAA. After a successful campaign, $1,091 was donated and this number continues to grow. Because of a Case has now expanded to include many other great causes they feel passionate about including cases to help save the elephants and sea turtles, clean water, anti-bullying and more! 
Purchase your Because of a Case and help support ADAA

"My life began to change when I started to embrace my anxiety instead of being embarrassed by it."

by China McCarney


My name is Ryan "China" McCarney and I have lived with anxiety since 2009. I was 22 years old. My first panic attack occurred that year when I was with my then girlfriend and we were on our way to a family gathering about three hours from my house. About 45 minutes into the drive I felt as if I was going to die.  Read more.

China is quoted in this March 10, 2017 US News & World Report article "How Depression and Anxiety Go Hand-in-Hand" article

Murdock's Album Release

aaah poster.jpgIn an attempt to create an open dialogue about depression and anxiety, Jersey City Hip-Hop/Theatre artist David Acosta (Murdock) created and recorded an album about his own personal battles called #AAAH (Agoraphobic. Alcoholic. Asshole.) The sold out album release event staged by No Dominion Theatre Co. raised a total of $450 for ADAA to help continue raising awareness for anxiety and depression. We thank Murdock and the No Dominion Theatre Co. for their generous donation. Read more. 

"I discovered ADAA and was amazed that they stood for everything I believed in." 

by Bailey Kay - Miss Sandy City International

Bailey_Kay.pngI was in seventh grade when I discovered I had anxiety. I didn't go to school for 2 months because every day my mom would take me, and I would end up on the floor of the car sobbing and hyperventilating. I was a sophomore in high school when I was diagnosed with depression. I skipped class a lot, I would cry over everything, and I would never leave the house. Read more. 

Bailey is quoted in this March 10, 2017 US News & World Report article "How Depression and Anxiety Go Hand-in-Hand" article

Empowerment At Every Step

by Ashley Erickson

Ashley Ericksen

Running had helped her learn to control her breathing, which is very useful during a panic attack. Knowing it would be empowering, Ashley trained to run 26.2 miles at the 2013 Los Angeles Marathon. As she says, “Running has done wonders for my anxiety, so now I can use it to do wonders for others’ anxiety as well.” She has always run for her own good, which is also good for ADAA because she raised 102% of her goal.  Read more...

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Individual Fundraising: How You Can Raise Money - and Have Fun!

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