Recorded Webinars for ADAA Members

Watch the recordings of these webinars:

Anxiety Disorders and ADHD Comorbidity: Diagnostic and Treatment Implications (March 5, 2014), presented by Michael Van Ameringen, MD 
Watch the recorded webinar.

Depressive Disorders, Bipolar, and Related Disorders in DSM-5 (February 13, 2014), presented by Jan Fawcett, MD
Watch the recorded webinar.


Apps for Therapy, Therapists, and Self-Help: An Overview (December 10, 2013), presented by Simon Rego, PsyD, ABPP, ACT
Watch the recorded webinar.

Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) (October 24, 2013), presented by Bruce Cuthbert, PhD
Watch the recorded webinar.

Prolonged Exposure and Virtual Reality Therapy for PTSD (September 26, 2013), presented by Barbara O. Rothbaum, PhD, ABPP
Watch the recorded webinar.

DSM-5: What’s New for Anxiety Disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders, and PTSD (August 29, 2013), presented by Katharine Phillips, MD
Watch the  recorded webinar.

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