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Project Shifa: The Community Mental Health project of Padhar Hospital, The Mental Health Network March 2017 Newsletter

Consensus Paper: Prevention of Depression and Promotion of Resilience - Consensus Paper - Pim Cuijpers, Laura Shields-Zeeman, Bethany Hipple Walters, Ionela Petrea. Funded by the European Union in the frame of the 3rd EU Health Programme (2014-2020)

07/15/16 Global patterns of workplace productivity for people with depression: absenteeism and presenteeism costs across eight diverse countries, Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, (S. Evans-Lacko and M. Knapp)

03/18/16 Evaluating the economic impact of screening and treatment for depression in the workplace, European Neuropsychopharmacology, (Sara Evans-Lackoa, Leonardo Koeser , Martin Knapp , Calogero Longhitano , Joseph Zohard, Karl Kuhn)

07/09/15 Antidepressant use in 27 European countries: associations with sociodemographic, cultural and economic factors, The British Journal of Psychiatry, (Dan Lewer, Claire O’Reilly, Ramin Mojtabai and Sara Evans-Lacko)

03/12/14 Importance of Social and Cultural Factors for Attitudes, Disclosure and Time off Work for Depression: Findings from a Seven Country European Study on Depression in the Workplace, PLOS One, (Sara Evans-Lacko and Martin Knapp)

12/01/12 Mental health, poverty and development, London School of Economics and Political Science, (Michelle Funk, Natalie Drew and Martin Knapp)