Fighting the Monster of OCD

As a child, I was gregarious, outgoing, and happy-go-lucky. Then something went horribly askew at about age 12. I did not know why I was unable to focus when I had been the best reader in school. I had been talkative, but I kept to myself, remained silent, and let bullies pick on me. I hadn't the slightest idea what was going on with my body and mind. Eighth-grade was probably my worst year because I was taunted, harassed, and bullied.

My Success Over OCD

Two years ago I wondered if the horrible feeling, the gnawing in my stomach would ever leave. Inside my freshman dorm room, I lived in my own mind, fixated on my thoughts and tormented by irrational messages and faulty fears.

Andover, MA-OCD Support Group


Clearview Horizons is pleased to announce the offering of a weekly OCD support group. In addition to providing an opportunity to connect with other individuals with OCD, the group also provides a weekly educational component focused on an aspect related to OCD treatment, such as cognitive reframing versus reassurance, perfectionism, thought defusion, and mastering the skill of developing exposures.