It is appropriate to ask questions during a brief telephone, email, or in-person consultation to see if a provider is the right one for you. If possible, it’s best to work with a therapist who specializes in your disorder.

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Specialized Knowledge

For OCD — Ask about ERP (exposure and response or ritual prevention)

For panic disorder and phobias — Ask about exposure-based treatments.

For generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) — Ask if the therapist does something more than relaxation and if so, what that might be. Ask what specific cognitive therapy techniques will be used.

For depression — Ask if the therapist will do more explore the origins of your symptoms.  Ask about treating your symptoms directly, such as interrupting ruminations (repetitive worry and preoccupations). Find out if this therapist can prescribe medications or work with a prescribing physician if medications are needed.

For all disorders — Ask if the therapist treats different kinds of anxiety and depression differently.