Double Blinded, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Paliperidone Addition in SRI-Resistant Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Paliperidone has a number of advantages over SRIs (the commonly prescribed medication), including fewer drug interactions and better tolerability. Thus, this study is designed to determine whether adding paliperidone to an existing medication (SRI) is more effective in reducing OCD symptoms compared to taking a placebo and an existing medication (SRI). Patients accepted into this study will receive physicals, psychiatric exams, labs, ECG, and study medication all at no cost to the patient. There will be 8 visits over 10 weeks. For each completed study visit, $15 will be reimbursed to the patient for travel and meal expenses.

Indiana University Hospital
Principal Investigator: 
Andrew Goddard, MD
Eligibility Criteria: 
  • Diagnosis of OCD or OCD w/ other comorbidities provided OCD is chief complaint
  • Age 18-70 and in good health
  • OCD symptoms of at least one-year duration.
  • 2 adequate (12 weeks or more) SRI monotherapy trials
  • Y-BOCS e 19
Exclusion Criteria: 
  • Primary diagnosis of depression, schizophrenia, active bipolar disorder or other psychotic disorders
  • Non-responsive to atypical antipsychotic augmentation or CBT
  • Substance or alcohol abuse past 6 months
  • History of seizure disorder, encephalitis, or significant head injuries or a significant medical condition such as heart, liver, or renal disease
  • Nursing mothers, or women of childbearing potential who dont use adequate contraception
Carla Medlock, (317) 274-0314 or
Indianapolis, IN
Study End Date: 
Wed, 2010-06-30

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