Child Anxiety Prevention Study

Children of anxious parents are two to seven times more likely to develop serious problems with anxiety. In an effort to reduce the risk to these children, we are evaluating whether a short-term intervention (8 one-hour sessions) entitled, Coping and Promoting Strength (CAPS) can reduce children’s anxiety and/or prevent them from developing an anxiety disorder.


We are currently recruiting participants for this study. As part of the study, you will receive a free evaluation of your child. Eligible families will receive additional free evaluations over the course of the study (approximately 1 year) and may earn up to $75 for participation. There is no medication involved and the program is free of charge.


You are eligible for our study if you are a parent who reports significant problems with anxiety or have ever been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and have a child between the ages of 7 and 12 who does not have an anxiety disorder (though some amount of anxiety is okay).

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Principal Investigator: 
Golda S. Ginsburg, PhD
Candice Festa, 443-287-4349,
Baltimore, MD
Study End Date: 
Sat, 2013-06-01

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