Special Events

"Saturday Night Slide" Closing Reception

Supported by the San Francisco Bay Area Center for Cognitive Therapy and ADAA

Saturday, April 8, 2017
7:30 – 9:30 pm

(New Research Poster session ends at 7:30 pm)

Don't Lose Any More Sleep.

Learn how you can overcome insomnia: Attend our free webinar presented by Dr. Virginia Runko, a certified behavioral sleep medicine specialist. Discover how insomnia is related to anxiety and depressive disorders, and how one specific type therapy is an effective treatment.

Treating Insomnia With Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Virginia Runko, PhD
Licensed psychologist
The Ross Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders, Washington, DC

Dr. Runko, whose specialty is CBT-I, or cognitive-behavior therapy for insomnia, is a certified behavioral sleep medicine specialist. She describes how insomnia is related to anxiety and depressive disorders, and how CBT-I is an effective treatment.

Learn more...
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia

Conference Highlights

On the Cutting Edge of Wellness: Behavioral Medicine and Its Application to Anxiety and Depressive Disorders

Anxiety and depressive disorders are characterized by significant functional limitations and comorbid mental and physical health conditions that diminish quality of life and sense of well-being. Behavioral medicine, an interdisciplinary field combining medicine and psychology, provides increasingly popular evidence-based approaches to the remediation and healing of mental and physical health concerns and the emergence of wellness.

Podcasts for Mental Health Treatment Providers

Enhancing the Cultural Sensitivity of Interventions for Anxiety and Depression​

By the year 2044, more than half of Americans in the U.S. will identify as part of a minority group. And a significant percentage will seek clinical care for anxiety, depression, and other mental health illnesses. This podcast addresses evidence-based and practice-based strategies for making treatment more relevant for these individuals with four national experts.

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