Watch this video for a look at a day in the life with depression...and how you can get better. Thanks, Wentworth Miller, for giving ADAA a shout-out.
After years of suffering in silence, he is sharing his story of healing to let you know it can get better — as long as you get help and do the work.
African Americans ask if their non-African American therapist will understand their issues. It’s an excellent and important question.
Dr. Jerry Halverson talks about treating depression, mood, and other mental disorders in young adults, what you should know about medications and cognitive-behavioral therapy, and how to help make your treatment most effective.
Learn the "3 Things Your College Kid Must Know About Mental Health" in our latest blog post.
Here's a three-step guide to help you ease your travel anxieties and enjoy your vacation, as well as your return home.
Researchers have identified genes that increase the risk for depression, and this may lead to the development of new treatments. Finding these genes should also help clarify that depression is a brain disease and decrease stigma. The genetic data came from people who sent their saliva to 23andMe, a personal genomics company; participants consented to allow the company to use their information anonymously for research.
Dr. Darin Dougherty discusses new research in OCD: biological causes, medication and behavioral therapy, and DBS surgery, as well as the future of OCD treatment.
Join us on Monday, Aug. 1, 1 pm ET, for a chat with experts Dr. David Carbonell and Dr. Debra Kissen. @Got_Anxiety #ADAAChat #gotanxiety
Simon Rego, PsyD, ADAA board member, has a goal 2 run a marathon in under 4 hours on Oct. 2, 2016. He's dedicating his run 2 all those who suffer from anxiety and depression, 2 raise awareness of ADAA, and 2 raise funds 2 further our mission. Can u help? (Note from Dr. Rego: My use of  "4" and "2" and "u" in tribute to Prince.)