Therapists & Researchers

Bipolar Disorder

122—Navigating Treatment of Co-Occurring Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder - Patient and Provider Perspectives
Andrew Nierenberg, MD; Rifaat El-Mallakh, MD; Allen Doederlein, BA; Michael Kuhl, BA

209—New Developments in Cognitive Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder: Improving Efficacy, Increasing Access, and Treating People With Bipolar Disorder Comorbid With Social Anxiety Disorder
Barbara Pavlova, PhD; Emma Warnock-Parkes, PsyD

Anxiety Disorders

PRECON001—Changing the Anxious Mind – Rapidly (ticketed)
Reid Wilson, PhD

102—Translating Clinical Trial Research to Direct Service Delivery: A View From Both Sides of the Aisle
Neal Sideman; Peter Roy-Byrne, MD; Anne-Marie Albano, PhD; Lisa Coyne, PhD; Jonathan Hoffman, PhD; Dean McKay, PhD

139—Comorbid Anxiety in Major Mood Disorders
Roy Perlis, MD; Rudolf Uher, MD; Nicholas Forand, PhD; Barbara Pavlova, PhD

121—Clinical Strategies for Enhancing Motivation in Anxious Children and Adults

Anxiety and Depression

17th Annual Scientific Research SymposiumPsychobiology of the Intersection and Divergence of Depression and Anxiety
Diego Pizzagalli, PhD; William Carlezon, PhD; Michelle Craske, PhD; Judy Garber, PhD; Andrew D. Krystal, MD; Francis Lee, MD, PhD; Daniel Pine, MD

117—Is Your Patient Seriously Suicidal? When to Hospitalize Suicidal, Violent, or Impulsive Patients
Thröstur Björgvinsson, PhD; Randy Auerbach, PhD; Stan Arkow, MD; Ariela Vasserman, PhD

Preliminary Program

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Treatment Now Saves Lives: Mara

We are in this together. "If we recognize that our pain is a shared pain and a part of our common humanity, we can be more at peace.”

Instead of letting her depression run her life, she decided to outrun it.

“I have clinical depression,” says Mara Suttman-Lea. “No, I am not depressed. I suffer from depression. They are two vastly different concepts.”


2014 cohort publications:

Auerbach, R. P., Stanton, C., Proudfit, G. H., & Pizzagalli, D. A. (in press). Self-referential processing in depressed adolescents: A high-density ERP study. Journal of Abnormal Psychology.
Xiao, J., Qiu, Y., He, Y., Cui, L., Auerbach, R. P., McWhinnie, C. M., Yao, S. (in press). Weakest link as a cognitive vulnerability within the hopelessness theory of depression in Chinese university students. Stress and Health.

Updates for 2014 CDLP Cohort

Find out what the 2014 Career Development Leadership Program cohort has been doing in 2014.

˃ “The CDLP was invaluable to my professional advancement.”
˃ “The program provided a wonderful opportunity to hear from leaders in the field and network with other young professionals.”
˃ “I would like to note that CDLP was directly helpful in the process of applying for grants.”
˃ Participating in the ADAA Career Development Leadership Program provided great momentum for 2014.

Meetings & Events

International College of Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Disorders (ICOCS)
10th Scientific Meeting
April 12-13, 2015, Hyatt Regency Miami
Special rates for ICOCS members attending the 2015 Anxiety and Depression Conference April 9-12 in the same hotel. How to register and more details here.

Workshop: Introduction to Complicated Grief Treatment
April 24, 2015, Columbia School of Social Work (New York)


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