Anxiety and Cardiovascular Health

Carl "Chip" J. Lavie, MD
Professor of Medicine
Medical Director, Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention
Director, Stress Testing Laboratory
John Ochsner Heart and Vascular Institute
Ochsner Clinical School – The University of Queensland School of Medicine
New Orleans, Louisiana

Dr. Lavie, who practices cardiology and internal medicine, discusses the link between anxiety and other psychological stress for patients with cardiovascular disease.

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Psychological Risk Factors and Cardiovascular Disease: Is It All in Your Head?
Arthur R Menezes, Carl J Lavie, Richard V Milani, James O'Keefe and Thomas J Lavie Postgrad Med 123(5):165-76 (2011)

Impact of Worksite Wellness Intervention on Cardiac Risk Factors and One-Year Health Care Costs
Richard V. Milani, MD, and Carl J. Lavie, MD
The American Journal of Cardiology 104(10): 1389-92 (2009)

Interviewed by Jean Kaplan Teichroew, ADAA Director of Communications

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