Recipients of the Clinician Trainee Award

In its commitment to clinical care and training, ADAA's Clinician Trainee Award acknowledges those who have excelled in their performance in an internship or clinical training setting.

First granted in 2012, this award provides up to three clinician trainees the opportunity to attend the annual conference, meet with a senior clinician mentor, and become involved with ADAA.

Congratulations to the recipients:


Laura Bruce, MA
Temple University 

Ben Kelmendi, MD
Yale University

Alex Keuroghlian, MD, MSc
Massachusetts General Hospital


Shala Nicely, MS
Cornerstone Family Services

Donald Robinaugh, MA
Harvard University

Shari Steinman, MA
University of Virginia


Liviu Bunacio, MA
University of Arkansas

Andrea Umbach, MA
Argosy University

Bethany Wangelin, MS
University of Florida