Handouts (2012 Annual Conference)

Handouts are labeled by session number, title, and author.
Please note: All handouts submitted to ADAA are listed below.

Clinical Sessions

1C Master Clinician: CBT for Adult ADHD, Solanto

6C Master Clinician: Unwanted Mental Intrusions in Anxiety Disorders: A Modified Cognitive-Behavioral Approach; Clark

7C Master Clinician: Diagnosing and Treating Pediatric Anxiety Comorbid With Bipolar Disorder or Severe Irritability; Leibenluft

106C Clinical Roundtable: Ingredients to Treatment of Fear of Flying; Carbonell 

113C Clinical Workshop: Treating Anxiety and Depression: Differences, Similarities, and What to Do First; Aaronson, Coplan 

117C Clinical Symposium: Issues in OCD Resistance: Co-Morbidity and Merged Versus Unmerged OCD; Grayson 

117C Clinical Symposium: Assessment of Treatment-Interfering Behavior: A Collaborative Approach; Pollard 

117C Clinical Symposium: Treatment Resistance in OCD: Focus on Assessment; Van Kirk  

121C Clinical Symposium: Compassionate Social Fitness: Theory and Practice; Henderson

121C Clinical Symposium: Examining Self-Compassion and Experiential Avoidance in Symptom Dimensions of OCD; Steinberg, Wetterneck, Little, Phillips, Hart

121C Clinical Symposium: The Compassionate-Mind Approach to Overcoming Anxiety: Using CFT to Treat Worry, Panic, and Fear; Tirch

131C Clinical Workshop: Using DBT Skills to Reduce Emotion Dysregulation and Reactivity in Children, Adolescents, and Parents; Harvey 

132C Clinical Workshop: The History and Contextual Treatment of Scrupulous OCD; Sisemore, Barton, Keeley  

138C Clinical Workshop: Intensive Treatment for Intractable OCD: What, When, Where, Who, How; Gorbis 

140C Clinical Workshop: Fearing That Which Can Save You: An Integrative Approach to
Medical and Dental Phobias; Yip

141C Clinical Workshop: Working Through the Clutter: A Hands-On Hoarding Workshop; Bell  

153C Clinical Workshop: Three Essential Pieces for Solving the Anxiety Puzzle; Rego, Blackmore  

156C Clinical Workshop: Enhancing Visual Rehearsals and Guided Imagery With Hypnotic Language; Wilson  

158C: Explaining Anxiety in the Brain: Explanations for Children and Adults That Enhance Treatment Compliance in a Whole Brain Approach; Pittman, Rathert

160C Clinical Workshop: Clinical Treatment of Children and Adolescents with Trichotillomania and Other Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors; Golomb, Mouton-Odum 

168C Clinical Workshop: Using the Group in Cognitive Group Therapy; Schachter 

174C Clinical Workshop: Integrating Complementary and Alternative Medicine Into the Treatment of Anxiety and Related Disorders: Clinical and Ethical Issues; Barnett, Shale 

180C Clinical Workshop: Simple But Not Easy: Problem Solving With Anxious Children and Their Families; Manassis 

182C Clinical Workshop: Mindfulness and Acceptance-Based Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety Disorders; Roemer, Orsillo 

183C Clinical Workshop: OCD, ADHD, ODD, ASD?!? Avoid Destructive Mislabeling by
Understanding Anxiety in Children; Yip

188C Clinical Workshop: Empowering Treatments Through a Neuroscience Model of Emotion; Veenstra

192C Clinical Workshop: Mindfulness-Enhanced Applied Relaxation; Hayes-Skelton, Roemer 

194C Clinical Workshop: Beating Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors: A Two-Pronged Approach; Rego

201C Clinical Roundtable: Beyond the Thought Record: Cognitive Therapy With Older Adults; Wetherell  

347C: Ethics Symposium: Ethics in the “i" World: Internet, Telehealth, Social Media, Texting, and E-Mail; McGrath   

348C Ethics Symposium: The Ethics of Psychology in the Media: Print, Internet, and TV; McGrath 

400C: OCD and Disordered Eating: When OCD Masquerades as Eating Disorders; Erwin

403C Case Study: Mindfully Using ACT to Treat Refractory Trichotillomania; Thomas

412C: Exposure: Awareness, Tolerance, and Acceptance of Mind and Body; Erwin

416C: Why I Still Teach Deep Breathing; Carbonell 

Research Sessions

8R Research Frontiers: Complementary Health Practices: Research on Ideas from Outside the Mainstream; Briggs 

8R Research Frontiers: Research Frontiers and Directions at the ADAA’s 32nd Annual Conference; Stover

18R Donald F. Klein Early Investigator Award Winner: Separation Anxiety Disorder and Adult Onset Panic Attacks Share a Common Genetic Diathesis; Roberson-Nay 

305R Research Symposium: Interpretation Bias in Childhood Social Anxiety Disorder; Benoit

305R Research Symposium: Efficacy of Interpretation Bias Modification in Depressed Adolescents; Micco

305R Research Symposium: Reaching New Heights: Comparing Interpretation Bias Modification to Exposure Therapy for Acrophobia; Steinman, Teachman 

305R Research Symposium: Interpretation Training in Individuals with GSAD: A Randomized Controlled Trial; Taylor, Amir

306R Research Symposium: Functional Abdominal Pain in Childhood and Adolescence: Association with Anxiety in Adulthood; Walker 

310R Research Symposium: Negative Self-Focus: The Role of Shame in Social Anxiety Disorder; Bailey, Morrison, Carleton, Heimberg

314R Research Symposium: Parenting Behaviors of Parents of Young Children With Anxiety Disorders: Relations to Parental Psychopathology and Child Temperament; Brumario, Micco, Henin, Hirshfield-Baker  

320R Research Symposium: Attention Bias to Threat: What Do We Know So Far and How Is It Relevant to Therapeutics; Shechner 

325R Research Symposium: Integrating Evidence-Based Practice and Outcome Research for Anxious Youth in a Private Practice Setting; Alvord, Sanchez 

325R Research Symposium: The Turtle Project: Helping Shy Preschoolers Come Out of Their Shells; O'Brien

325R Research Symposium: Treating Anxious Children in a Private Clinical Setting: Effectiveness of a Manualized Resilience-Based Group Therapy Program for Social Competence; Rich

330R Research Symposium: Attentional Bias Training, Antidepressant Drugs, and Their Combination: Can the Neurocognitive Effects of the Treatments for Anxiety be Used to Guide the Development of Novel Combination Regimes; Browning 

331R Research Symposium: Peritraumatic Response, PTSD, and Functional Impairment Among OEF/OIF Veterans; Bovin 

331R Research Symposium: Association Among Traumatic Experiences With Medical Conditions in a Nationally Representative Sample; El-Gabalawy  

334R Research Symposium: Treatment of Comorbid Generalized Anxiety and Oppositionality in Children: Targeting the Underlying Processes; Fraire

334R Research Symposium: Co-Occurring Social Anxiety and Aggression in Youth with HFASD: Evidence of Emotion Regulation Problems; Pugliese

335R Research Symposium: Functioning Versus Symptoms: How Can We Best Measure Outcome; Brown, Craske, Krull, Roy-Byrne, Sherbourne, Stein, Sullivan, Rose, Bystritsky 

339R Research Symposium: Translational Value of Treatment of Late Life GAD in Primary Care: Report from an Ongoing Clinic Trial; Calleo   

340R Research Symposium: Parental Medical Illness and Health Anxiety: Testing the Interpersonal and Cognitive-Behavioural Models; Alberts, Hadjistavropoulos  

340R Research Symposium: Experiential Avoidance and Anxiety Sensitivity in the Prediction of Health-Related Anxiety; Abramowitz

340R Research Symposium: Health Anxiety and Hypochondriasis in Older Adults: Overlooked Conditions in a Susceptible Population; El-Gabalawy

362R Research Symposium: Relationships Among Formal Mindfulness Practice, Mindfulness Skills, Worry, and Quality of Life Across an Acceptance-Based Behavior Therapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder; Morgan

417R: A Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Mixed Anxiety and Depression: Treatment Leads to Symptom Reduction, as Well as Subjective and Physiological Improvements in the Face of Acute Stress; Van Dam

425R: Time Course of Brain Reactivity in Anxious Youth Performing an Attentional Bias
Task: A Pupilometry Study; Price, Siegle, Silk, Ladouceur, McFarland, Dahl, Ryan

436R: Families at High Risk for Depression: Anxiety and Startle Response; Warner, Wickramaratne, Grillion, Weissman

438R: It's Written All Over Your Face: Investigating the Processing of a Group of Faces in Social Anxiety; Yoon, Eo, Chong

439R: Age Differences in Treatment Response to a Collaborative Care Intervention for Anxiety Disorders in Primary Care; Wetherell, Petkus, Stein, Craske, Chavira, Sherbourne, Sullivan, Liu, Roy-Byrne 

441R: Can Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder be Treated Online? Results From Three Studies; Wootton

442R: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure: Preliminary Findings From a Small-Scale Trial of the Fun FRIENDS Program in a Rural Elementary School; Lewis, Ollendick

446R: The Impact of Events Scale-Revised as a Measure of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Acute Lung Injury Survivors; Bienvenu, Williams, Yang, Hopkins, Needham

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