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Key: The number in parentheses is the session number; the C denotes a clinical session.

March 25

  • Therapeutic Interventions for the Treatment of Clients With PTSD and Eating Disorder (185C)
  • CBT Treatments of OCD and Other Anxiety Disorders Across Cultures (188C)
  • An Integrative Cognitive-Behavioral Approach to Understanding and Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome (246C)
  • Bridget: A Case Presentation Revealing the Internal Struggle With OCD (248C)
  • Eye Movement IntegrationTM: A Cognitive and Somatic Eye Movement Therapy for Treating Anxiety (252C)
  • From Self-Criticism to Self-Compassion: Enhancing CBT for Anxiety and Mood Disorders (253C)
  • Guided Self-Help, A New Intervention to Overcome Anxiety Complaints (254C)
  • Innovative ERP: How Do You Expose Someone to _____? (258C)
  • Innovative Uses of Technology to Enhance CBT for Anxiety Disorders (259C)
  • Managing Relational Complexities While Working with Anxiety Clients (262C)
  • Maximizing PTSD Treatment by Incorporating Significant Others (263C)
  • MIND/MATR: Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Academic Anxiety (265C)
  • Pushing Past Perfectionism: Using Cognitive-Behavioral Strategies to Treat Perfectionism Across the Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents (270C)
  • Recognizing and Treating Complicated Grief (271C)
  • Treating Specific Phobias in Children With Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities: An Adaptation of CBT (273C)
  • Troubleshooting in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for OCD: A Clinician’s Forum (274C)
  • Updated Approaches to the Assessment and Treatment of Trichotillomania (275C)
  • The Art of Persuasion: Changing the Mind on OCD (279C)
  • The ABCs of ExRP for OCD (284C)
  • Exercise for Mood and Anxiety Disorders (297C)

March 26

  • Evidence-Based Treatment of Prolonged Anxiety-Based School Refusal: (189C)
  • OCD and the Spiritually Obsessed Client (191C)
  • The Anxious Preschool Child: Assessment and Treatment (192C)
  • Clinical Treatment of Children and Adolescents With Trichotillomania (Compulsive Hair Pulling) and Other Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs) (249C)
  • Complementary Approaches to Treating Anxiety (250C)
  • Do You Really Want to Stop Worrying? (251C)
  • Helping Children Beat the OCD Monster! Making ERP “FUN” by Integrating Games Into Treatment (255C)
  • Impulsivity vs. Compulsivity: Obsessive-Compulsive Spectrum Disorders (257C)
  • Transdiagnostic Treatment Strategies for Anxiety and Depression in Childhood and Adolescence (277C)
  • Clinical Use of Allostatic Load in the Behavioral and Psychiatric Disorders in the Intellectually Disabled Adults (281C)
  • “My Thoughts Are Driving Me Crazy!” Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment Strategies for “Primarily Obsessional” OCD (282C)
  • Putting an End to Panic Disorder: The Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Way (285C)

March 27

  • Assessment and Treatment of Selective Mutism in Youth (247C)
  • If I Only Looked Better… The Body Dysmorphic Disorder Paradox: Integrative and Flexible Treatment of an Inflexible Psychiatric Condition (256C)
  • Mindfulness-Enhanced Applied Relaxation (266C)
  • New Options for Counter Conditioning the Emotional Mid-Brain: Quick REMAP (267C)
  • Stress Management and Guided Relaxation During Tough Economic Times (272C)
  • Imaginal Exposure: The Why, When, and How (280C)

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