A Research Study for the Treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorders are very common and cause a lot of suffering and difficulties in functioning. A variety of medicines are available but, despite their reported effectiveness, they are associated with unwanted side effects that may limit their use in some patients, and, furthermore some people do not benefit from an of these medicines.

The investigational drug study has shown the potential for reducing anxiety in some people. This research study will assess the safety and effectiveness of this an investigational drug for the treatment of social anxiety disorder. The study will take approximately 16 weeks to complete, and will require 10 office visits, 3 phone calls and taking study medicine as directed. There is no cost to the patient. Individuals aged between 18 and 70 who have had symptoms of social anxiety for at least a year are invited to contact us for further information at (301) 770-7375.

Capital Clinical Research Associates
Principal Investigator: 
Norman Rosenthal, MD
Eligibility Criteria: 

19 to 70 years inclusive, who have had symptoms of social anxiety for at least one year.

Irene Thio, 301-770-7375
Rockville, MD

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