OCD Genetics Association Study

The Butler Hospital OCD Research Program has joined with five other academic institutions across the U.S. in examining the relationship between genetics and OCD. Recent advances in molecular biology and statistical genetics make it possible to identify and describe specific genes involved in complex illnesses such as OCD.


If you have been diagnosed with OCD, and have living parents or siblings who may be available to participate in the study, you may be eligible. Participation includes a confidential interview and a blood sample from you and a blood sample from your parents or siblings. The interview and blood draw will be scheduled at a time convenient for you, and the interview can be completed over the telephone. Compensation is available.

Butler Hospital/Brown Medical School
Principal Investigator: 
Nicole C. McLaughlin, PhD
Alissa Cerny, 401-455-6366, or Nicole McLaughlin, PhD, 401-455-6608
Providence, RI
Rhode Island
Study End Date: 
Sat, 2011-04-30

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