National Stress Øut Day Anti-Stress Activities

  • ScreamFest: Let out one unified tension-breaking scream prior to finals.
  • Exam Oasis: Make stress balls, receive massages, play games, and offer refreshments.
  • Recess: Recess is a reminder of what used to be fun about school. Organize kickball, dodgeball, 4-square, or Red Rover. Jump ropes and hula hoops should also be made available.
  • Pie Your Professor: Have students pay a dollar to enter a drawing to see who gets to pie your professor, and donate the money to your favorite charity.
  • Sugar High: Set up a station of plain cookies for students to decorate and eat with milk.
  • Relax on the Quad: Similar to Exam Oasis: Make stress balls, blow bubbles, finger paint, and play board games on the quad or in the student center.
  • Movie Screening: Watch a movie about a character with an anxiety disorder, such as What About Bob?, Analyze This, or As Good As It Gets.
  • Paint Your Own Pollack: Gather art supplies and let students make their own creations.
  • Water Balloon Fight: A friendly battle of water balloons will be sure to release some tension.
  • Meltdown: Work with a local ice cream vendor to supply free or discounted ice cream, and create a make-your-own-sundae buffet.


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