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Depression and Anxiety, the official journal of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, is available online only as of January 2013. The journal welcomes original research and synthetic review articles covering neurobiology (genetics and neuroimaging), epidemiology, experimental psychopathology, and treatment (psychotherapeutic and pharmacologic) aspects of mood and anxiety disorders, and related phenomena in humans.

A priority is placed on papers on treatment and review and on information and findings that will enhance the clinical evaluation and care of individuals struggling with the effects of these disorders. All submissions are peer-reviewed; there is no handling or publishing fee.

Please note: The OMICS Group publishes the Journal of Depression & Anxiety, an open-access publication. It is not affiliated with ADAA, and the publisher requires payment of a handling fee from authors after their manuscripts have been accepted. Find information about publication fees on the publisher's website.

The following articles from Volume 31, Number 4 (April 2014) have been posted on the journal website:

Critical Review of Outcome Research on Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Anxiety Disorders
John C. Markowitz, MD; Joshua Lipsitz, PhD; Barbara L. Milrod, MD

Research Articles
Functional Polymorphism in the Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Gene Interacts with Stressful Life Events But Not Childhood Maltreatment in the Etiology of Depression
George W. Brown, PhD; Thomas K. J. Craig, MD; Tirril O. Harris, MA, DHC; Joe Herbert, MB; Karen Hodgson, PhD; Katherine E. Tansey, PhD; Rudolf Uher, MD, PhD

Effects of Ketamine on Explicit and Implicit Suicidal Cognition: A Randomized Controlled Trial in Treatment-Resistant Depression
Rebecca B. Price, PhD; Dan V. Iosifescu, MD; James W. Murrough, MD; Lee C. Chang, MD; Rayan K. Al Jurdi, MD; Syed Z. Iqbal, MD; Laili Soleimani, MD; Dennis S. Charney, M.D; Alexandra L. Foulkes, MS; Sanjay J. Mathew, MD

A Genome-Wide Association Study of Clinical Symptoms of Dissociation in a Trauma-Exposed Sample
Erika J. Wolf, PhD; Ann M. Rasmusson, MD; Karen S. Mitchell, PhD; Mark W. Logue, PhD; Clinton T. Baldwin, PhD; Mark W. Miller, PhD

The following articles from Volume 31 Number 3 (March 2014) have been posted on the journal website:

The Cutting Edge

D-Cycloserine for Treating Anxiety Disorders: Making Good Exposures Better and Bad Exposures Worse
Stefan G. Hofmann, PhD

Research Article
Exercise Improves Sexual Function In Women Taking Antidepressants: Results From a Randomized Crossover Trial
Tierney Ahrold Lorenz, PhD; Cindy May Meston, PhD

Co-Occurrence of Anxiety and Bipolar Disorders: Clinical and Therapeutic Overview
Gustavo H. Vázquez, MD, Ph.D;  Ross J. Baldessarini, MD; Leonardo Tondo, MD, MS

Clinical Relevance of Fatigue as a Residual Symptom in Major Depressive Disorder Maurizio Fava, MD; Susan Ball, PhD;  J. Craig Nelson, MD; JonDavid Sparks, PhD; Thomas Konechnik, RPh; Peter Classi, MS; Sanjay Dube, MD; Michael E. Thase, MD

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