Effectiveness and Neuropsychological Predictors of Guided Self-Help for OCD

Over the course of 17 weeks, participants in this study will use an internet program designed for treating OCD. They will meet with a therapist 9 times during the treatment. All participants will receive the treatment.

Hartford Hospital’s Institute of Living, Yale University School of Medicine
Principal Investigator: 
Gretchen Diefenbach, PhD
Eligibility Criteria: 

Individuals with the following may be considered for the study:

  • Principal or Co-Principal diagnosis of OCD
  • Age 18 – 69 inclusive
  • Y-BOCS score at least 16
  • CGI score at least 4 “moderately ill”
  • Able to be seen as outpatient
  • If on medications, stable type and dose for at least 4 weeks
Exclusion Criteria: 

Individuals with the following will not be considered for the study:

  • Active manic episode, active psychosis, pervasive developmental disorder, mental retardation
  • Concurrent OCD psychotherapy
  • Current threat of harm to self or others
  • Previous adequate trial of therapist-administered or self-administered ERP for OCD
Laura Bragdon, 860-545-7386, lbragdon@harthosp.org
Hartford, CT
Study End Date: 
Mon, 2014-09-01

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