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Before medications are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or before certain therapy methods are widely accepted as effective, they are tested on people who volunteer to participate in a clinical trial.

Search below for a clinical trial, also called a research study, near you. ADAA does not have listings in every U.S. state or Canadian province or territory.

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To post your clinical trial, please complete this form: Clinical-Trials_ADAA-website_writablePDF. Download this form to your desktop; complete the fields; rename it, and e-mail it as an attachment. You must also e-mail these two documents as attachments: 1) a brief description of your study, including eligibility and exclusion criteria; 2) a copy of your IRB approval letter. clinicaltrials [at] adaa [dot] org (Please send via e-mail.)

Title Locationsort icon
Vilazodone for Separation Anxiety Disorder in Adults 1051 Riverside Dr., New York, NY 10032
Novel Medication Strategies Targeting Brain Mechanisms in Pediatric OCD 1051 Riverside Drive
Neurobehavioral Tasks in OCD 1051 Riverside Drive (at 168th Street) in Manhattan
Attaining and Maintaining Wellness in OCD (#6628) 1051 Riverside Drive, 3rd floor, New York, NY 10032
Attaining and Maintaining Wellness in OCD (#6628) 3535 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Online Peer-Networked Collaborative Learning for Managing Depressive Symptoms 680 N. Lake Shore Dr., Suite 1400, Chicago
Mobile Phone and Internet-Based Intervention for Depression (Mobilyze!) 680 N. Lake Shore Drive, Suite 1400 Chicago, IL 60611
Project TECH (Teens Engaged in Collaborative Health) 680 N. Lake Shore Drive, Suite 1400 Chicago, IL 60611
Helping Extinction Learning in PTSD (HELP) Austin, TX, Philadelphia, PA, Seattle, WA
Dose Timing of D-Cycloserine to Augment CBT for Social Anxiety Disorder Austin, TX; Chicago, IL; Boston, MA

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