ADAA Standing Committees

Awards Committee

Risa_Weisberg [at] brown [dot] edu (Risa Weisberg, PhD;) rrw [at] med [dot] unc [dot] edu (R. Reid Wilson, PhD, )Co-chairs

Committee members: Daniel Pine, MD; Kerry Ressler, MD, PhD
nsimon [at] partners [dot] org (Naomi Simon, MD, MSc,) Board liaison


Purpose: The Awards Committee implements organizational awards as defined by the Board of Directors. 

Responsibilities: The Awards Committee, or designated subcommittees, is responsible for the following:

  • promoting awards
  • encouraging applications
  • reviewing submissions and managing confidential discussion of candidates
  • recommending candidates to the Board of Directors for approval
  • organizing the presentation of awards at the Annual Conference
  • recommending new awards as necessary

 Current ADAA Awards

  • Career Development Travel Awards
  • Donald F. Klein Early Career Investigator Award
  • Jerilyn Ross Clinician Advocate Award
  • ADAA Members of Distinction Award
  • Clinician Outreach Award

Membership Committee

bethsalcedo [at] gmail [dot] com (Beth Salcedo, MD, )Chair

Committee members: Susanne Ahmari, MD, PhD; Andrea Barmish-Mazza, PhD; Michael Brus, MD; Karen Cassiday, PhD; Sheila Dowd, PhD; Elizabeth DuPont Spencer, MSW; Brigette Erwin, PhD; Michael Golder, MD; Eric Goodman, PhD; Ken Goodman, LCSW; Ruth Lippin, LCSW; Kimberly Morrow, LCSW; Kim Rockwell-Evans, PhD; Erica Wagner-Heimann, PsyD


Purpose: The Membership Committee focuses on recruitment and retention of clinicians and researchers to grow the organization.


Responsibilities: The Membership Committee, or designated subcommittees, is responsible for the following:

  • recruitment plans to new members in all categories
  • retention plan for current members
  • evaluation of member benefits to improve value
  • recommending new categories of membership and activities consistent with the needs of all members

Public Education

nealsideman [at] gmail [dot] com (Neal Sideman; )Tami [dot] Roblek [at] childrenscolorado [dot] org (Tami Roblek, PhD,) Co-chairs
Committee members: Wendy Freeman, PhD; Debra Kissen, PhD; Karen Martinez, MSc, MD; Steve Martinez, PhD; Patrick McGrath, PhD; Kathariya Mokrue, PhD; Catherine Pittman, PhD; Amy Przeworski, PhD; Jane Spell, LCPC; Andrea Umbach, PhD; Sally Winston, PsyD; Jenny Yip, PsyD

Lisa R. Hale, PhD, Board liaison


Purpose: The Public Education Committee improves and expands public education and outreach about anxiety, depression, and related disorders through webinars and other media and collaborations.


Responsibilities: The Public Education Committee, or designated subcommittees, is responsible for the following:

  • assisting staff in identifying experts who can respond to media questions and provide content and expert information for all uses
  • identifying new areas and media for outreach, e.g. social media, videos, web-based events, etc.
  • evaluating ADAA educational activities
  • recommending collaborations, partnerships, campaigns to extend outreach




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