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Looking for a belated holiday gift?


ADAA offers brand-new items at Café Press: a T-shirt, golf shirt, coffee mug, and a tote bag.
Purchase through, and ADAA will receive an 8 percent donation at no extra cost to you.

Personal Triumph Over Panic


Find out how an excellent student, a talented singer and musician, and a competitive athlete overcame his debilitating anxiety and got his life back.

Self-Help Books


Check out the self-help books written by ADAA's experts, our professional members.

Health Care Reform: Key Provisions in Effect


Several key provisions of the Affordable Care Act became effective today, and many of them will improve the lives of those with mental health and substance use conditions.

New Podcast About CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy)


Psychologist Michelle Craske, PhD, talks about treatment resistance and what happens when CBT doesn't work at first. You tell us: Has CBT helped you? Take the poll on this page.

New Videos Offer Help for Anxiety and Stress


The Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA) has partnered with to provide a series of seven free online educational videos on how to manage and overcome stress and anxiety.

Animal Hoarding Explained


Watch ADAA Board Member Dr. Karen Cassiday on Confessions: Animal Hoarding, a six-part series on Animal Planet. Catch her appearance on the Today show.

New Podcast: Discontinuing Medications


Would you like to stop taking your medication? Listen to this podcast. Then give your opinion in the online poll on this page.

Ask an Expert: I worry about being sick, but my doctor says I'm fine.


Learn about hypochondriasis and health anxiety.

New Podcast: Health Anxiety


Learn about the connection between anxiety disorders and physical sensations. Then take the online poll on this page.

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