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Animated Anxiety Characters


Animated characters describe anxiety and anxiety disorders--and the big difference between them.

New Videos: Anxiety Stories From Health Theater


People talk about their anxiety disorders and how they manage them.

Biology May Yield Clue to PTSD in Women


ADAA member Kerry Ressler, MD, PhD, explains in this video how high levels of a stress hormone may explain why women have a higher risk of developing PTSD than men.

New Podcast: What Clinicians Need to Know About Treating Children


Clinicians: Hear what psychologist Ron Rapee says about treating children with anxiety disorders  (recorded at our previous Annual Conference).

Please Stay in Touch


Staying in touch with you is important to us. With the new year here, please sign up to receive timely and helpful information about anxiety and stress-related disorders. Fill out the required information to GET OUR E-NEWS (even if you received it last year).


Animal Hoarding Explored on the Today Show


Watch a video of ADAA Board Member Karen L. Cassiday, PhD, discuss animal hoarding on the Today show.

New Podcast: Resistance to Treatment


Hear how doctors treat anxiety disorders with the goal of remission so people get well, not just better.

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