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New Personal Story: Perfectionism and Panic


A successful young woman breaks free from her "prison" of panic and OCD, thanks to her search for treatment. "So often, people who suffer from anxiety are laughed at as weak or neurotic. I’d like to think we’re actually pretty strong: It takes a lot to silently control a ping-ponging mind." Read on.

September Is Suicide Prevention Month


More U.S. soldiers lose their lives to suicide than from enemy forces, according to the Pentagon. The Veterans Crisis Line provides confidential help for veterans and their families online and by phone and text. Watch "Side by Side," a new public service announcement.

Workshops: Engaging Patients and Stakeholders in Refining PCORI's Research Agenda


The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) is launching a new initiative aimed at engaging patients and other health care stakeholders as meaningful and active partners in PCORI’s efforts to build a patient-centered research community and refine its research agenda. Learn the details.

Back-to-School Podcast: What Is School Refusal?


Listen to this podcast to learn why children sometimes refuse to go to school, when school refusal becomes a serious problem, and helpful therapies.

New Podcast: Complicated Grief


What's complicated about grief? Listen here, and find out how it differs from bereavement and how it's treated.

Ask an Expert: How can I overcome my fear of flying?


Our expert offers tips for overcoming a flying phobia. Find more fear of flying resources.

New Depression Screening Tool


If you suspect that you might suffer from depression, answer the questions in the new screener on our site. Then print out the results to share with your health care professional.

Exercise Helps Mood, Anxiety, and Depression


Read ADAA experts' blog posts: Two psychologists address how exercise can improve mood and other mental and physical health problems: Exercise and Mood...Less stress, less anxiety, less depression.

June is PTSD Awareness Month


This month is dedicated to raising PTSD awareness: Find out more. Read about PTSD symptoms and treatment.

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