Nominations to the Scientific Council

ADAA is accepting nominations to the Scientific Council. This standing committee is comprised of mid- and senior-level basic and clinical researchers committed to the organization. Its purpose is to contribute scientific expertise and mentorship, actively grow membership, and encourage participation in ADAA among colleagues, students, and fellows. Committee members participate in projects that maintain ADAA’s leading edge in research, dissemination, treatment, and advocacy.


Candidates must be current ADAA members who hold the minimum rank or equivalent of associate professor. To accomplish ADAA’s mission, it is critical that members of the Scientific Council present and mentor at the annual conference, encourage colleagues to join ADAA and attend the conference, publish in Depression and Anxiety, and respond to queries for expert input on relevant issues about research needs, funding, and priorities.

Individuals may apply or be nominated to serve a four-year term. Scientific Council members are expected to meet the following minimum responsibilities; renewal on the council will be evaluated based on these criteria:

  • Maintain annual ADAA professional membership throughout the four-year term.
  • Participate in the Scientific Council meeting held at the annual conference at least twice during the four-year term.
  • Attend the annual conference at least twice during the four-year term.
  • Advance ADAA’s scientific mission through active service; commitment may be met by a minimum of two of the following ways annually:
  1. Review oral research submissions for the annual conference (late September).
  2. Review poster submissions to the conference (late November–early December).
  3. Review applications for Career Development Travel Awards (early December).
  4. Serve on the Scientific Research Symposium subcommittee.
  5. Mentor award winners at the conference.
  6. Chair a standing committee, special interest group, or conference subcommittee.

Nomination Process

Nominations deadline: December 13, 2013

You may forward the nomination form* to ADAA members you would support. You may also nominate individuals; names of candidates only will not be accepted.

  • Complete the nomination form. (*Download the form to your computer; save and rename file after completing required fields.)
  • ADAAScientificCouncil [at] adaa [dot] org (E-mail form to to  ADAA Scientific Council. )

All nominations will be peer-reviewed by a committee of Scientific Council members.

For questions, please contact amuskin [at] adaa [dot] org (Alies Muskin, ADAA Executive Director,)  pined [at] mail [dot] nih [dot] gov (Daniel S. Pine, Chair, Scientific Council, )or kressle [at] emory [dot] edu (Kerry Ressler, Vice-Chair, Scientific Council).

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